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Employers Faqs

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  • How do I advertise a vacancy?

    Visit our Place Job Order page to find the quickest and easiest way to register your vacancy.

  • What is the Job Approval Process?

    We will review your job order immediately upon submit. Once approved by our team, the vacancy will be available online. If there are any ...

  • Why is the Job I Posted Not Approved Yet?

    Once a job is posted, we will review it to ensure accuracy and better result. This usually takes an hour to one business day ...

  • What companies do you recruit for?

    We recruit across all sectors. We are the preferred partners for many global hospitality, healthcare, information technology, engineering, banking, financial and services firms.

  • How quickly can you find us someone?

    We can find someone for you within 24 hours of your first call to us. For specific roles we find you top talent within ...

  • Do you complete compliance checks?

    We understand the importance of integrity of our candidates. We complete a range of compliance check on your behalf including DBS check, credit checks, ...

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