Administration & Secretarial, Fulltime, Permanent

Senior Casework Officer


What you will be doing:

  • A Senior Admissions Caseworker manages a team of up to 3 caseworkers. The team receives school applications and then works with the preferred schools to see if places are available and whether a child or young person can join that school. Where schools are full, we work with the families to secure a place at another school, but always looking to get a child into school as soon as possible.
  • The Team is also responsible for receiving all the applications when children start reception for the first time, or are transferring into Middle, Secondary and Upper school. The Admissions Team ensures that the places are distributed fairly and according to the Admissions Arrangements of the schools in question. We also work with social workers and family support workers to help our more vulnerable families to secure school places. Full set of training will be given, using our client’s bespoke software and data systems.
  • As a Senior Caseworker you are also responsible for your own casework load as well as supporting the panel process and conducting school appeals – which involves presenting cases to an independent panel. You help manage the case loads of the caseworkers as necessary, providing support for complex cases as necessary.

About you:

  • The successful candidate will have good interpersonal and communication skills. They will be able to work to very tight deadlines and sometimes in fairly stressful situations. They will be able to have those difficult conversations with families when they are unable to offer the preferred schools.
  • The Senior Caseworkers also know their way around existing computer system and can pick up and learn new systems and software quickly. The Admissions Team is close knit and very supportive but Senior Caseworkers will be able to work independently and on their own initiative when necessary.
  • They will have a proven track record in managing a small team in fast paced dynamic work place.
  •  enhancement.
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